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Somlance because Somalia should Win!

In Somlance we have a simple motto, which is: Beacuse Somalia shall Win! and together we will make it a reality!

Mission Statement

Somlance offers free service to educate and aid corporate Somalia and to accelerate the development. It is also a major objective of this firm to fight corruption and inequalities in corporate Somalia.


Vision Statement

Somlance’s vision is creating a corporate environment with decreased inequality and boosted performance in the world market, and to create a hiring environment for the newly educated in their local community to widen the boost of the local economy as well as the nation’s economy



the revolutionary and innovative ideas and innovations all come from one basic element in life, which is the need. It was this very element that inspired the creators of this site to take the first step towards creating it’s visionary environment for Corporate Somalia, and you could also take the first step towards making this vision a reality by supporting Somlance, which stands for Corporate Somalia!

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