Hi! I am...


Somnath Ghosh

Contact: [email protected], +91 7003687879

First of all I apologise you to welcome you like this... i.e., this simple white page. But seriously I am super busy in various creative and non-creative works that I could not manage time to build website for myself. I love to build amazing websites, mobile applications, teach coding, learning new technologies, playing chess and riding bike.

I have been in this field since 2009. Started with learning only HTML and PHP. But in this long period I have learnt many new technologies and continuously enriching myself. I am a self-learner and right now, I feel that, no programming language or technique can stop me. I can easily adopt any new programming language, framework, library or technique.

What I can do ?

I can design, develop and launch your dream website or mobile app in affordable budget and proper time. Some of the example business models that I have already worked or build from scratch are as follows - also these type of projects I can build easily for you again.

Languages, Libraries and Frameworks that I know

Techniques and Coding Standard that I use and follow.

How I prefer to work ?