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Fullstack Developer, Game Developer, Project Manager


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I am an expert, experienced and regular user of all these technologies mentioned below. I use these technologies frequently to develop new projects, maintain and upgrade old projects, do my own R&Ds etc.

Backend Languages, Frameworks & Services

PHP 8.x
Laravel 9, 10, 11
Codeigniter 3.x, 4.x
Node JS
Next JS
Hono JS
Cloudflare Workers
Cloudflare Pages


Cloudflare D1
Firebase RealtimeDB
Firebase Firestore
Datastax Cassandra

Cloud Servers

Google Cloud
Digital Ocean

Frontend Technologies for Web and Mobile Apps

Boorstrap CSS
Tailwind CSS
React JS
React Native
Next JS

Game Technologies

Unity - C#

What do I do using these technologies ?

I prefer to stay updated with all these technologies. I use them to design and develop MVPs as well as long term projects. It might be a traditional ecommerce, tourism website or a complex custom solution, I can develop all when you have the clarity about what you actually want.

Some project types or business models that I have worked extensively and gained insights of the business model are as follows:

Ecommerce online shopping system including single vendor and multi vendor.
Tourism business solution including system for hotel & car booking solution.
School management system including apps for teacher and parents.
Marketing automation system.
Inventory and stock management system.
Factory material and production flow management system.
OTT apps for mobile and television.

My previous works

I work with multiple startups. Also work with multiple website and mobile app development companies to manage their projects. Here I am sharing some of my promising works that I have done in the past and working at present.


Marketing Automation / CRM / Sales / Support

Before I start to tell about the project, what makes me excited about the project is, this one is the largest invested project that I am developing. It is backed by multiple investors. Working with such people is a huge challange as well as a huge blessing too.

Another exciting fact about this project is, our brand ambassador for this project is none other than, the celebrity actor Ranbir Kapoor.

Watch the AD

This is one of my most promising work. This project is backed by multiple investors. I, with collaboration with 2 other IT companies, i.e., Techno Dimensions and Navya Software Solutions, built their Marketing Automation System and their Service Management System is in the pipeline. This is still an ongoing project.

  • Marketing Automation System.
  • Service Management System.

This is still an ongoing project and regular updates are being added. Check website:

Xavier's Model Secondary School

School Management System / Customised Solution

This is a customised solution built for one of the most reputed school named Xavier's Model Secondary School at Himnagar, Dankuni, Howrah. They were using a seperate service previously, but dissatisfied with their services, they approached us for a customised solution. I, with collaboration with another IT company (The Website Maker), built their complete solution consists of the following modules:

  • Mobile Application for Parents.
  • Mobile Application for Teachers and Management Team.
  • Backend Panel for Management Team.

This is still an ongoing project and regular updates are being added. Check the apps:

Parent App Management App

Cars Found 4U

Car Buy-Sell / Customised Solution

This is a customised solution much like, but primarily focussed for the UK market. This is an early stage startup. I have completed their development with collaboration with another IT company (RS Board Technologies). The project is primarily focussed for car buying and selling. Vendors can list their cars by paying a subscription fees and customers can browse through then, communicate with the vendors to generate sales. The development that has been done by me are:

  • Website for Customer.
  • Backend Panel for Vendors.
  • Backend Panel for Admin.

Check the website:

FusionStays Hospitality Pvt Ltd

Tourism / Hotel Booking / Bootstraped / Launched in 2020 / Funded

FusionStays is a tourism project, with similarities with Makemytrip. I worked as their technical lead for a period of 8 months, rebuilt their complete website from scratch and replaced their Wordpress site. After that it gained 4X more traffic and sales. I also developed their backend, their hotel listing system and their room inventory system.

Visit Fusionstays Website:


Ecommerce / Single Vendor / Customised

Wevow is a reknowned brand in wholesale and retail market of ladies wear production and distribution. I developed their ecommerce website single handedly. The complete project consists all the standard features of ecommerce including return and refund mechanism too.

  • Website.
  • Backend Panel.

Check website:

Factory Management System

Factory / Inventory / Production Management

After successful delivery of the customised ecommerce website and backend, the owner of Wevow approached to resolve the issue with their factory production and inventory management. They handle large number of material stocks in their factory and two warehouses. So, they needed a customised solution to manage their stock of raw materials, unfinished products and finished products. Also needed to track products which are issued to workers.

It was a real challange to me. Honestly it took much time than expected, because I had to understand all the calculations, how a raw material gets converted in to finished good and what steps and involved in it.

I single handedly built their factory automation system, right now which is being used by them without any error in calculation of stocks or staff payments.

My CinemaHall Pvt Ltd

Video Streaming / Launched in 2020 / Funded / Discontinued in 2022

My Cinemahall was an OTT (Video streaming) project, much like Hotstar, Hoichoi etc. I single-handedly built everything of this project. It was one of my life changing project. It upgraded me from being just a developer to a CTO. It gave me deep knowledge of studying and understanding various business models. It started as a freelance project, but it raised a seed fund within 3 months. I got huge experience when I worked closely with the investors.

During this period, I developed their:

  • Android App
  • IOS App
  • Admin Panel
  • Film-maker's Panel
  • Android TV App

Unfortunately the project has been shut down as investors stepped back in the year 2022.

The list is much bigger than this and I could not manage enough time to organise all projects here. These are just some of my promising works.

A Short Summary

As an experienced developer with a deep understanding of web and mobile application development, I specialize in creating robust and efficient solutions using a variety of modern frameworks and tools. With extensive experience in CodeIgniter, I've built and maintained LanceCMS, a streamlined and powerful content management system tailored to simplify web development tasks. My expertise extends to Flutter, where I leverage GetX for state management and navigation, creating seamless and dynamic user experiences.

My journey includes migrating legacy systems to modern frameworks, optimizing code for performance and scalability, and implementing innovative features that enhance functionality and user engagement. I am proficient in integrating complex functionalities, such as CORS filters, API integrations, and database management, to ensure secure and efficient operations.

Driven by a passion for continuous learning and knowledge sharing, I enjoy exploring new technologies and contributing to the developer community. Whether it's through building comprehensive school management systems or developing marketing automation tools, my goal is to create impactful solutions that address real-world challenges.

Contact Me

I am available via these contact methods:


+91 7003687879

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