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Somlance is all about education and work. The core message of this website is education, job creation, finding jobs and personal development. The two largest pillars of this website are The Somlance job board and the Job blogs.



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Vision: Somlance’s vision is creating a corporate environment with decreased inequality and boosted performance in the world market, and to create a hiring environment for the newly educated in their local community to widen the boost of the local economy as well as the nation’s economy

In order for us to reach our goal we need your help. YOU! | Si aan u gaarno hadafkeena waxaan u dooneynaa gacantaada. haa na caawi si aan wax dalkeena ugu qabano.

Does Somlance really provide free Job listing/ Resume listing for free?

YES it is really free! Sign up now and share your resume from our site!

It is only for a limited time the service is free?

Our intentions are keeping this service free forever as long as it is in use

Are there any restrictions as for who can use it?

No! All organisations, businesses and privates can use it to find employees, contractors, clients and future work places

How can i find a job on this website?

The best practice is to make a resume on Somlance and actively keep it updated and send a link to your resume to potential hires and companies that you are interested in.  

How can I find employees?

You can find qualified employees by looking in the resume section and actively searching for people who possess the skills that you are searching for  

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